Portable Toilet Rental in Dumas, TX

Not only do we tackle your extensive septic pumping and cleaning needs here at Dumas Pumping Service, but we also offer a range of other similar services. If you find yourself in need of portable toilets, hand wash stations, or holding tanks, we provide them all throughout the Dumas, TX, region.

Quality Portable Toilets

Not every portable toilet is made the same, and that is made very clear with each use. Here at Dumas Pumping Service, we offer only the best quality port-a-potties on the market. You will walk in and out feeling clean and relieved after you finish your business when you choose our units. We’ve got sizes and types to accommodate every need and every budget.

For Every Purpose

We carry portable toilet options for just about any purpose and any client imaginable. Do you have a large construction crew working long hours on streetsides and vacant properties? Are you planning a big special event or a public, community celebration? Chances are, your employees and guests will need a restroom at some point. Our portable toilets make it easy, comfortable, and sanitary to go. We even have specialized units, including hand wash units, handicapped units, and more!

Get in Touch Today

Dumas Pumping Service is here to handle all your portable toilet and septic pumping needs. When you’ve got an event full of people or a lot full of construction workers, we’ve got a box of privacy for them to do their business in behind the scenes. Give us a call for an estimate on the units you need or to learn more about our other services.

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